Hamilton and Mbappe use the same brand of luggage when traveling

They may have traveled to vastly different places for more different reasons, but Lewis Hamilton and Kylian Mbappe They have more in common than just the trophies in the display cases: they use the same brand of luggage: Rimowa.

Close to realization 125 yearsthe German suitcase manufacturer opens a new chapter “Never Still 4”an activity focuses on Telling the evolution of travelfrom a means of leisure to an opportunity for reflection and transformation.

As with previous events, the fourth edition of the event is hosted by global star The figures of the two athletes mentioned, except Korean pop singer Rosé.

Rimowa documents the evolution of travel

This year’s version allows these People who frequently travel for work reasons Tell us your story, but Focus not on the destination, but on their motivationsin order to understand Traveling the world is a purposeful experience.

hamiltonFor example, you are used to Travel to competitions held around the worldbut now it does Think less about the journey and more about enjoying and learning things around it.

Photography: Rimowa

Perfect for Rosé travel Expands his idea of ​​home Divide your life into different areas.Additionally, it focuses on How travel opens your mind Thanks to contact with other people, cultures, and environments we can finally call “home.”

at last, Kylian Mbappe Knowing that each step will cause a domino effect allows Travel can broaden your horizons and be a source of inspiration and aspirations.

“Never Still 4” also focuses on How travel has changed post-pandemichighlighting the new meaning we give to traveling the world, discovering new places, or reconnecting and re-meaning with people we already know.

The activity is Masterfully scored by the renowned Hans Zimmer Each star’s movie has an ode to it, embodying the essence of Rimowa’s pursuit of perfection and giving new life to luxury travel accessories.

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