Hamilton: Have you seen his new love? Everyone wants it, but it’s his | PHOTO

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton was caught in the company of his new passion, which will definitely not go unnoticed: beautiful and famous.

Lewis Hamilton British race car driver seven times world champion. At the moment, Hamilton is actively involved in Formula 1 competing with the livery Mercedes. Lewis’s professional life has little to envy to his other colleagues and rivals, while his personal life has been a bit unconvincing of late.

In fact, after the relationship with the model Camila Kendrastarted atAugust 2021 and finished at March 2022, the British pilot decided to remain alone for a while, not starting any new love relationship with a woman. Or rather, there were no public reports about his new history.

However, something seems to be changing in Hamilton’s personal life, and the possible rumor has been circulating for months. flirting between pilot and singer well-known. This year, the seven-time world champion has been seen several times with this woman.

In addition, the international music star also followed Lewis into three Grand Prix Formulas1. All these performances interested and intrigued fans of the pilot and the singer, and also stirred the imagination of the British tabloids and the rest of the world. On the other hand, we are talking about two very famous and loved by many people.

Who is Lewis Hamilton’s new girlfriend?

The singer we’re talking about ShakiraColombian music star who recently split from Gerard Piqué. The latter is a former football player. Manchester Unitedbelonging Barcelona and from Spain national team. Obviously, everyone is wondering if Hamilton and Shakira’s relationship is just a friendship or there is something more to it.

She never spoke about him publicly and he never made any public statements about her. However, the Spanish top Brand spoke about interesting details regarding the bonds that unite Lewis and Shakira. The newspaper said that between them: “There is something more than a beautiful friendship,” and it will be a relationship in which: “They gave themselves complete freedom to do what they want.”


night with friends

But there are other indiscretions a little further red lights about a British pilot and a Colombian singer. In fact, you can read about Brand that Hamilton and Shakira recently dated. seen in a private luxury complex in Ibiza. Shakira spent her summer holidays there and, apparently, was not always alone.

Indeed, Lewis would introduce himself to her in the middle of the night and did not go out, deciding to spend the night Together. It would seem that this is a real romantic relationship, since they were also seen together. dinner This a boat trip. But until one or both of us confirms or refutes this, we can only draw our own conclusions. The last one could be yes, Hamilton and Shakira are together or not, they are just friends.

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