Hamilton-Shakira, Pique jealous? What are the latest rumors saying?

bank rumors flirting between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton become increasingly assertive after the presence of the Colombian pop star on Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix (even earlier than in Miami). The events were followed by dinners with an English driver, sparking rumors of an alleged flirtation between the two. Rumors that are not, however, would be well received. Gerard Piqué.

Shakira-Hamilton, Gerard Pique reaction

Guestbroadcast Twitch along with Sergio Aguero and Ibay LlanosOne of the interlocutors asked the former Argentine football player: Are you rooting for an English driver?“, a question to which the latter replied: “Yes I follow what is number one“. But former player Barcelona intervened and questioned the choice of his Argentine friend: “But is number one English? I don’t know who he is“. With a mischievous smile, Aguero he then mentioned the name of Shakira’s alleged new partner: “I’m a Hamilton fan, I like Hamilton, what’s the problem?“. Words that provoked an immediate reaction from Piqué, who replied: “That’s all… He’s a Hamilton fan. Here, what’s wrong?After rumors about the singer and F1 driver, some fans discovered on social media a 2018 snapshot of the former Barcelona footballer alongside the Formula 1 champion, with the caption writing: “We had a lot of fun with Lewis Hamilton.“.

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