Hanna Jaff believes Meghan Markle after royal racism case

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In recent days it transpired that Hanna Jaff, the Mexican who joined british royalty a year ago when they got married with princesses Eugenie and Beatrice’s cousin, Henry Roper-Curzon, she is separated from her still-husband for having been a victim of racism. The young woman now stated that she feels identified with Meghan Markle, who also claimed that he experienced episodes of racism within the British royal family.

In interview with People in Spanish, the psychologist stated that she understands what she went through Meghan Markle, who in an interview with Oprah Winfrey stated that she was the victim of racism by some members of the British royal family, which she joined after marrying Prince Harry.

“I can believe someone like Meghan that something like this happened to her,” replied Hanna Jaff, who feels identified with the Duchess of Sussex.

In the same interview, Hanna Jaff was questioned about whether she is still in love with Henry Roper- Curzon, who after the statements of alleged racism suffered by his still wife came out to defend himself and to declare that Hanna deceived him.

“I am in love with life and this bad experience left me with many learnings. As soon as we are separated, what comes for me is to be at peace, to try to heal that trauma.”

On the other hand, in an interview for Awaken America, Hanna Jaff said that the her husband’s family goes through a bad economic time and they pretend before society.

“I started to realize over time that all the people in that family used their partners. I began to realize that the house that he boasted so much was no longer his, it was a trust.”

Hanna Jaff is now in Mexico and decided to leave british royalty behind, something meghan Markle did along with her husband, Prince Harry, who decided to leave London to live in Los Angeles, where they welcomed their second daughter, who was born a few months ago.



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