“happened something that has never happened in my career”

Camilo Majada arrived in Montevideo on Thursday morning to sign a contract with Penarol And immediately return to Asunción, Paraguay to complete the relocation. The new signing aurinegro was received by sporting director Pablo Bengoechea.

“I came here with the best expectations because I didn’t have time in Paraguay and I needed this,” Majada told reporters at Carrasco airport.

He said he had always followed Uruguayan football and knew that Penarol had “a rich squad and a lot of variety, and I came here hoping to contribute whatever was up to the standard”.

He added that after playing in Mexico, he returned to Paraguay to play for Libero,”It was not what I expected and I came back with another expectation.It was so much easier with the Monday papers, but something happened to me that never happened in my career, I got three covid-19, pneumonia, they stopped me while I was recovering. I couldn’t get in touch, but I’m the same Camillo I’ve always been, and I’m in good shape.”

Mayada and its passage through the Argentine River

Majada has already played in Paraguay’s two matches at this Clausura Championship and comes under the command of Dario Rodriguez.

“I have a lot of experience, I am 32 years old, I have always valued personal care, professionalism, I have gray hair more or less but I feel good and busy as always“.

He admitted that he hasn’t spoken to the coach about his role on the team, but “I think he’ll be versatile and provide an alternative to the team.”

He also clarified that while he always said his priority in Uruguay was to return to the Danube, he spoke to President Arturo del Campo before making arrangements with Penarol: “The first thing I did was talk to Del Campo and let the people at Danubio know they talked, but there are situations that are beyond everyone’s reality“.

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