Happy birthday Blake Lively! We honor the actress with her best streaming movies

The main character of the cult series “Gossip Girl” blows out 37 candles. Here are streaming movies where we also admired her on the big screen.

While we never had the commercial success that made her a star in the movies, over the years Blake Lively nevertheless, she has established herself as a style icon, becoming one of the most beloved celebrities of the young public. On his thirty-seventh birthday, we want to celebrate Blake Lively with five of his streaming movies. Enjoy reading.

Five streaming movies starring Blake Lively

  • City
  • Beasts
  • Paradise Beach – Inside the Nightmare
  • small favor
  • rhythm section

City (2010)

Action thriller directed and starring Ben Affleck represents perhaps the most ostentatious interpretation of Lively’s career, very effective as a drug addict girl. City also uses Jeremy Renner Oscar nominations and a truly remarkable cast of character actors, including a solid Jon Hamm and good Rebecca Hall. A film that already demonstrates the intelligence and clarity of mind of director Affleck, who knows how to dose tension and spectacle perfectly. The name of undeniable depth. Available at KYLOS, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, NOW.

Beasts (2012)

In the action movie based on the novel by Don Winslow, Lively finds himself in the center of a love-crime triangle, also formed by Taylor Kitsch AND Aaron Taylor Johnson. What is he doing Beasts interesting product is that its direction is Oliver Stonecapable of making a product out of it, by no means fully developed in the sterile canons of the genre. Benicio del Toro AND Salma Hayek they round out a close-knit cast with some well-crafted acting moments. Not one of the best Stone, but Stone always remains… Available at Google gamesAmazon Prime Video.

Paradise Beach – Inside the Nightmare (2016)

This, apart from the possibly slightly eccentric ending, is a magnificent gem of tension and setting. Beautiful natural scenery becomes the perfect stage for the battle between the beautiful and strong-willed Blake and the elusive killer shark. Jaume Colle-Serra organize Paradise Beach – Inside the Nightmare in an exemplary way, combining the beauty of the images and the tension that we have not seen since Jaws. The first attack is brilliant, frightening, beautifully staged. The rest is very smart and clear cinema. Every time we see him again, we find a reason to love him even more. Available on CHILI, Google Play, Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video.

Little Favor (2018)

After the big hits at the box office Paul Fig presents a small and juicy divertissement, in which the main characters are lively and witty opponents. Anna Kendrick. small favor it develops as a comedic thriller with undeniable taste, with a few Hitchcockian stunts and a really good performance with the audience. We’re passionate about the story and the characters, we love finding surprises in the ending, we’re intrigued by figuring out who gets to the solution first. A small but very tasty movie for moviegoers. Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video.

Rhythm section (2019)

An edgy, high-energy revenge film that uses the power of the camera to immerse the viewer in a syncopated and morbid cinematic universe. A good military version of Lively is accompanied by Jude Law in an amazing movie for the veracity of the action scenes. Reed Morano guides rhythm section with a confident hand and a precise vision for the show he wants to offer. The film certainly works, it deserves more success, it really has something to say in this kind of production. Available on CHILI, Google Play.

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