Happy birthday Dario Argento! Here are great streaming movies from the master of Italian thrills

The author of Profondo Rosso and Suspiria turns 83 today. Let’s trace his career through the five streaming movies that proclaimed his greatness.

The inimitable man turns 83 today. Darius Silvermaster thriller and fromhorror Italian style from the early 1970s. We celebrate his birthday by bringing back five of his historians. streaming moviesthat can rightfully establish itself in the cinematic imagination of our country. Enjoy reading.

Five streaming films directed by Dario Argento

  • Bird with crystal feathers
  • cat with nine tails
  • deep red
  • Suspiria
  • phenomenon

Crystal Plumed Bird (1970)

Already in his behind-the-camera debut, Argento is dictating the precise and chilling coordinates of what his best film will be. Bird with crystal feathers it turns out to be a visceral thriller, elegant in form, risqué in its editing and use of music. Tony Musante is a compelling protagonist Susie Kendall AND Enrico Maria Salerno integrate positively into the cast. A movie with a masterful ending and unexpected twists and turns that still make you jump on the spot. Available at Google games, Amazon Prime Video, Paradise Play.

Nine-Tailed Cat (1971)

A powerful and accurate confirmation of Argento’s talent in this genre. cat with nine tails it becomes even more splashy than the previous film, flowing with jerks and more daring directorial gimmicks. Not everything works compared to the first film presented, but moments of tension and horror are undeniable. Ekaterina Spaak is iconic for its charm and elegance, Karl Malden guarantee of character determination accuracy. It’s fun in the blood, and it certainly doesn’t hurt. Another iconic name. Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Rai Play.

Crimson Red (1975)

Dario Argento’s masterpiece, without a doubt, and one of the best films of Italian cinema of the 70s. From a splendid start to a twist-and-drop finale, beautifully orchestrated by a screenplay co-written with Bernardino Zapponi. deep red enjoys the participation David Hemmings, Clara Kalamay, Daria Nicolodi AND Gabriel Lavia. A truly amazing mirror cinematic game, brutal and beautiful to experience in your own skin. What a wonderful thriller this is. Always. Available at Infinity+Amazon Prime Video.

Suspiria (1977)

WITH Suspiria In a certain sense, Argento gives free rein to his aesthetic imagination, creating a visual puzzle of undeniable aesthetic effectiveness. The story is what it is: half a canvas to get to a pyrotechnic and intimidating finale. Alida ValleyNicolodie again Jessica Harper in an almost all-female cast that is undeniably well choreographed. We prefer Silver who works on a thriller to someone who spreads horror, but it remains another cult title. Without a doubt. However, Luca Guadagnino’s remake has its own charm. Available at KYLOSGoogle Play, Amazon Prime Video.

Phenomena (1985)

We decided to end with phenomenon not because, while important and frightening, it is the best of his films of that period. According to the plot Opera it probably surpasses it. But the choice of a very young girl Jennifer Connelly as the main character, is undoubtedly a trump card: the actress demonstrates an angelic and charismatic game, being next to her. Donald Pleasance and all the rest work very well. The pool ending is creepy, the rest becomes academic but with some very well choreographed moments. Jennifer became our teen love through this film. So untouchable! Available on Google Play, Rai Play.

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