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MEXICALI, Baja California.- Through a statement the President Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda in company with the Director of Public Safety, Municipal, María Elena Andrade Ramírez, made known to the public from this weekend will prevention measures in the streets of the capital of the state so that there is less
possible mobility.

Then that had already been implemented checkpoints on the main avenues of the city, the mobility of the citizenry continues with regularity and reason of this the mayor’s office has decided to increase the measures of prevention for the community to successfully stay at home for as long as possible and that will not go away if it is not for an essential need, in this way avoiding the spread of Covid.19.

“The Municipal Police toughens the measures taken to effect you to stay at home, we will strengthen the filters that we have in the city and we’re going to be aware of the reason for the departure, for you to conduct only essential activities and to apply fines and arrests of those people who desacaten these instructions,” said Maria Elena Andrade Ramírez, Director of Public Safety.

In the same way will be punished, shops and commercial plazas that have already been notified, this is to ensure that you are only working local that have essential activities.

It was also reported that the municipal police will be more tours through the streets of the city
and urged the community to avoid having meetings or parties at home.

He stated the Mayor that it is extremely important to comply with the measures of prevention, in this way also reported that during the 24 hours of the day are in place of the control points and monitoring to prevent citizens from leaving their homes unless they are required to perform any essential activity.

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