Harmony Korine on Call of Duty trailer: “Better than anything Spielberg has ever done” | Movie

Harmony Korine has finally spoken publicly about Edglrd, her Florida-based creative team that produces content, movies, video games and movies that can be played like video games using the latest technology.

During a lengthy interview with GQ, the director spring Breakers showed animation and artificial intelligence technologies used in his latest film, Agro Dr1ftwith Travis Scott and Jordi Molla, which will be presented on September 2 in Venice.

Demonstrating the possibilities of face swapping thanks to artificial intelligence technology, Korine explained that “this is the future of entertainment“. And then he noted that video game engines have become so complex that “the situation has completely changed“.

Then he added:

Watching the Call of Duty trailer, you understand that he is the best that Spielberg has ever done.

At the moment, the director does not intend to return to the traditional type of filmmaking, but explained that there is a director who looks after him:

Terrence Malick wrote the script that he wants me to direct. It’s a really beautiful script and probably one of the few things that would bring me back to the traditional type of filmmaking. (…) It would be something special. I have always loved him, his films meant so much to me as a child and still do. Perhaps this would be the only one.

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