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In an interview, Harrison Ford said that he was puzzled by Indiana Jones’ costume in Raiders of the Lost Ark, especially the leather jacket and whip.

Viewers around the world have known the character for decades. Indiana Jones thanks primarily to his iconic clothing: in particular, the distinctive features of the character, adopted from that distant 1981 in which he appeared In Search of the Lost Ark, it is a hat, a brown leather jacket and a whip. However, Harrison Ford was initially puzzled by this paraphernalia.

Actor in a recent interview GQhe actually admitted that at first he didn’t quite understand the meaning of the clothes. “It was presented to me as an aspect of the character in the first film”He said. “But I had a lot of questions. Why should I wear a leather jacket in the jungle? Isn’t it hot there? And why do I carry a whip? What am I doing with a fucking whip? Am I going to have to whip people?”

Originally released in 1981, In Search of the Lost Ark born from a story developed by George Lucas and Philip Kaufman, written by Lawrence Kasdan and directed by Steven Spielberg. The film was the first in a five-movie saga that ended this year. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Doomdirected by James Mangold and currently in theaters.

Harrison Ford stated that this film would be his last appearance as Indiana Jones. “This is the last film in the series and this will be the last time I play this character”— said the actor Total Film. “And I’m guessing this will be the last time Indiana Jones is on screen.”. In fact, a television series based on the character is currently in development, but Ford will not be involved.

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