“Harrison Ford taught me never to give up”

Edward Strange Born in Catania, 30 years old, August 18. He made his big screen debut in traitor Of Mark Bellocchio, where he played a young mobster from the rival family of Tommaso Buscetta (Pierfrancesco Favino). Then came the experience with Paolo Taviani in the film leonora bye, in the end Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destinydirected by James Mangold, got a chance to star with him in Harrison Ford In a scene in the film set in Syracuse in 214 BC, he played the role of Archimedes’ assistant. “A small role, but also very important from a humanitarian point of view” states one Cinecittà News Sicilian actor filming Cinecitta Studio international series who are about to die Directed by Roland Emmerich on the complex and corrupt world of gladiators in ancient Rome.

Edoardo, not everyone gets the chance to work with Harrison Ford. How did this happened?

It was an exciting and incredible experience to be a part of such a wonderful film. I had to challenge myself and work with a star like him. Perhaps the most important experience, even from a human point of view, was to see a milestone of world cinema in action, an actor who never spares himself, the great spirit and the sacrifice that it takes to reach that level. Even after working so hard and intensely. He taught me a great lesson from a professional point of view. He taught me that this work is made of waiting and patience, but you should never give up.

What do you remember about your first meeting?

Time flies by on set. When I arrived at the tuna fishing site in San Vito Lo Capo on the first day of shooting, it was really exciting. Ford was shooting with Phoebe Waller-Bridge. He came up to me during the break between takes and introduced himself. A cordial person who also showed me his great humility.

Indiana Jones wasn’t your only experience on an international set.

I have been shooting for the series for a few months who are about to dieIn Cinecitta Studio, Participating in a serial project introduces you to a new language. As an actor too, he is a great source of creative inspiration. Then being directed by Emmerich has been an incredible learning experience for me. I also hope to meet Anthony Hopkins (who plays Vespasian in the series), but haven’t had the opportunity yet.

When did you realize that acting would be your reason for living?

This calling has been coming since I was a child. Ever since I was a kid, there has been a desire to go on stage based on the stories my parents told me. As I grew up, I became a big movie watcher and felt drawn to the characters I saw and the emotions that came alive on screen. I felt like trying to do the same and found the right way to turn this passion into a real profession.

was your first film traitor, What was the point of directing a debut film by a master like Bellocchio?

It was a great gift. I never thought that I would be debuting with one of the legends of our cinema. In the film I play an invented character named “Padre Baptiste”, a young mafioso from Palermo in the 1950s who has to kill Tommaso Buscetta because he comes from a rival family. From audition to set, there was constant communication with Bellocchio. A director of his level, discussing creative experience with others, explained to me what this job meant. It has been an artistic beacon.

you were also directed by paolo taviani farewell leonora,

I never thought that, after Bellochiho, I would work with another such important Italian director and work in a film that revives from the ashes a holy monster of literature like Luigi Pirandello. It was another amazing experience.

Who are your reference directors or actors?

Internationally, Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan. Leonardo DiCaprio is one actor whom I follow with great respect. I am also impressed by the way Matteo Garrone tells stories. It would be a dream to work with either of them.

How do you live your working moments? Does competition scare you?

It is a very good time for me professionally. I don’t feel any sense of competition with my co-workers of my generation. Opportunities exist, there is a way for everyone to test themselves. This job is made of opportunities. If the role goes to some other actor instead of me, it means I didn’t try hard enough for that role. I am happy if other young actors can also contribute to the development of Italian cinema.

(Photo credit: Paolo Stucchi)

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