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Harry and Meghan Markle give their support to Afghanistan and Haiti

the duke and duchess of sussex attend the endeavor fund awards

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What happened recently in Afghanistan has shocked the world. The departure of President Ashraf Ghani and the takeover of the capital, Kabul, by the Taliban has plunged the country into a deep political and military crisis, but also humanitarian.

Faced with this emergency situation, which has been increased by the Covid-19 pandemic, many internationally renowned organizations and personalities have wanted to raise their voices and show their solidarity. It is the case of dukes of sussex.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Through the Archewell Foundation, they have joined forces with Women for Afghan Women, the largest women’s organization in the Asian country, to help evacuate Afghan women and girls and provide them with a safe place. It was the organization itself in charge of informing about it and thanking the couple for the effort.

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Likewise, and as we have been able to read through social networks, the Dukes of Sussex have also wanted to show their solidarity in the face of another catastrophe, the earthquake in Haiti. In that case, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have joined forces with World Central Kitchen with the aim of delivering food to those who are in a borderline situation . “With support from around the world and our partners, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the Archewell Foundation, who joined in this effort, WCK is now delivering thousands of hot meals every day to hospitals and shelters that serve Haitians affected by the earthquake. Thank you! “, could be read through the official Twitter account.

Two initiatives highly applauded by society that reaffirm the involvement of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in emergency situations, such as what happened in Haiti and Afghanistan. It is not the first time that the couple shows their support for this type of cause through the Archewell Foundation.

the duke and duchess of sussex visit canada house

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