Harry and Meghan’s friendship and dislike for VIPs

After months of silence and distancing themselves from the spotlight, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appear to have opened a VIP chapter in their life together. In fact, the couple went crazy at Beyoncé’s concert and the images went viral. Soon after, the Duke of Sussex appeared alone at Messi’s match, but then he allegedly insulted the Beckhams.

A few days later Meghan Markle she attended her second Beyoncé concert in four days. The former actress was, in fact, present at the final stage Renaissance World Tour singer Al Sophie Stadium To Los Angeles. The Duchess of Sussex attended the show along with Kelly Rowland and actress Kerry Washington. He also posed for a photo that went viral on social media. In addition, for this occasion, Prince Harry’s wife created “birthday wish“Beyoncé, worn by all her fans”fabulous silver dresses“.

Harry and Megan

So it seems to be confirmedlong-standing friendship between Harry, Meghan and Beyoncé. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex actually met the singer and her husband JAY-Z in 2019 at the London premiere of the film. Lion King. Meghan then revealed in an episode of the Netflix docuseries that the singer contacted her via text message after her interview with Oprah Winfrey. For’friendship which persists over time, however there is another one that has finally ended. It’s about this with the Beckhams. In fact, it was at the Messi match that Prince Harry proved their argument.

Harry and Meghan: goodbye, the final Beckham movie?

Rumors that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would end their friendship with David and Victoria Beckham. According to SunIn fact, the prince, in a telephone conversation, accused the former footballer of telling stories about him to the British press. A recent event confirms the rift between the two couples. They say that during a football match in Los Angeles The Duke of Sussex cleverly ignored the famous Beckham son, who was there with his wife. Sources said Prince Harry was due to meet Brooklyn Beckham and his wife Nicola Peltz at the event. For tabloid, therefore, this event confirms the dispute between the two parties.

Harry and Megan

It is unclear whether the three simply did not see each other in the crowd. However, photographs published Daily mail show clearly that Prince Harry and Beckham’s son met a few meters away.. It was also noticeable that the Duke of Sussex turned his head towards the couple for a moment. Brooklyn looked the other way. But there are no signs between them. Given the rumors circulating about them, if they wanted to dispel doubts, they would have acted differently. So at the moment, Harry and Meghan’s VIP page seems to be oscillating between ups and downs. But the couple may be ready to surprise again.

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