Harry and Meghan’s second daughter will be born in June

  • According to British media, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will welcome their daughter in two months’ time

  • After the birth, the American will enjoy maternity leave

Meghan Markle and the prince Enrique announced that they were expecting their second child on February 14, Valentine’s Day, after the Duchess of Sussex suffered a miscarriage last summer. They shared the sex of their baby, a girl, as they spoke on Oprah Winfrey’s show during their long-awaited and talked-about Interview in March. But otherwise, the couple has kept most of the details about the pregnancy a secret.

Now, British media, such as ‘Telegraph’, claim that the second son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (great-grandson of the Queen Elizabeth II) the next will be born June in the United States, specifically in the county of Santa Barbara (California), about 140 kilometers from Los Angeles. And after the birth, it is planned that the Duchess take several weeks of maternity leave.

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while Enrique he has moved to London to give a final farewell to his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, whose funeral will take place this Saturday, Meghan has stayed in California, as her doctors have advised her not to travel due to her advanced state of gestation.

now the American, which is dumped in the small Archie who was born on May 6, 2019, is finalizing preparations to welcome his second daughter, whose name has not yet been revealed.


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