Harry paid 500% more to see Messi in LA

The American Soccer League received unprecedented media attention when Lionel Messi made the surprise move to Inter Miami. With Lionel Messi opting to join David Beckham’s team despite rumors of a return to Spain, MLS will never be the same again. His impact on the pitch was immediate and his team has improved significantly since his arrival. During the League Cup, Internacional Miami were not among the favorites as they were bottom of the MLS standings and had just come off a poor finish. However, the arrival of high-profile players such as Messi, Busquets and Alba completely changed the dynamic of the team. The Argentine not only scored, he scored 11 goals in his first 10 games to be exact.but also created a positive financial impact for his team and the league as a whole.

Harry paid 527% more for the seat

During a recent game against Los Angeles FC (LAFC), Messi’s presence drew a host of celebrities to the pitch and caused a media uproar. One of the most famous people at the party was Prince Harry. However, there is a price to watching a game where Messi shines, and it’s a high price. According to popular ticketing site TickPick, Tickets for the game against LAFC jumped 527 percent, from $110 to $690 each.

The sharp rise in prices reflects the unprecedented demand surrounding Leo Messi’s MLS game. Due to their admiration for the Argentine star, fans and celebrities of the former FC Barcelona player are willing to pay big bucks to watch him play. However, that figure was not an obstacle for Carlos III’s son, who did not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars to meet the man considered by many to be the “Greatest Player of All Time” (GOAT), i.e. The best football player in the world. Always.

The Messi phenomenon: Celebrity admiration and affection

Messi’s appearance not only raised ticket prices, but also aroused strong emotions among many high-profile viewers. For example, Prince William’s younger brother was enthusiastic before the game, wearing a local team scarf. During the game, cameras captured his agony as he faced Los Angeles FC’s 1-0 loss. But it seemed even more surprising to see Messi’s performance than Selena Gomez, who is close to Tyga. When Messi scored in the 37th minute of the first half, the actress and singer caught the attention of the cameras. The shocked look on Selena’s face was palpable, echoing through the stands. In addition to Selena Gomez and Prince Harry, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Harden, Tom Holland, Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, Liam Celebrities like Gallagher, LeBron James, “Magic” Johnson, Tobey Maguire, Nurse and Glenn Powell were also added to the celebrity list. Those who witnessed the game confirmed that the “Messi effect” is here to stay.

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