Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the discomfort of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the sixth chapter of the saga, fundamental in the story but not remembered with particular affection by Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. Let’s find out the reasons.

Released in 2009, Harry Potter and the halfblood Prince and the sixth and penultimate chapter of the JK Rowling sagaas well as the sixth film of its cinematic adaptation: with David Yates back as director, he saw his titular performers in action again Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson And Rupert Grint, along with all the rest of the cast and some obligatory new entries. However, the identification of the actors with their characters was beginning to stress the young stars…

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the shadows: the difficulties of Daniel and Emma and a certain widespread hatred

Despite the worldwide gross of 934,500,000 (for a budget of 250), Harry Potter and the halfblood Prince it’s not the chapter that Daniel Radcliffe love to remember more. Five years later in an interview she admitted to finding hers performance difficult to watch and monotonous, judging himself “not really good” at conveying what he was trying to do. He attributed a good deal of that personal failure to the problems with alcohol that he was going through at that time (so much so that Daniel manages to identify the scenes in which he was not mentally present for that reason). In order to curb bad jokes, for anyone who is tempted to make them: le butterbeers they were actually fruit juices with fake foam.
Neither Emma Watson pleasantly reminiscent of the workmanship of Harry Potter 6because she began to resent being surrounded most of the time by male actorsfeeling out of placeand had even thought of leave the role (also because he had dealt with a stalker). She didn’t, because beyond any predictable economic consideration, he wouldn’t have agreed to see another actress as Hermione and “the pros were still more than the cons.”
He certainly didn’t breathe good air there either Warner Bros.who first tried to offer the direction of the film to Terry Gilliam, which he rejected out of spite, after being rejected as director years earlier for the debut of the saga. Subsequently, the study was delivered death threats (!) for the decision to do slip the exit of the feature film from November 2008 to summer 2009.
In spite of these tribulations, JK Rowling regarded Harry Potter 6 as the best adaptation of her books up to that point.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the lights by Bruno Delbonnel

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has a prominent place in the series, because it is the only one to have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Cinematographyhere entrusted to Bruno Delbonnellnominated five more times for the award, also for The fabulous world of Amelie and recently for the Macbeth by Joel Coen. Director David Yates worked closely with Bruno to obtain the gloom he was looking for in the story, but perhaps they exaggerated at first: the chosen palette and the dark led Warner Bros. executives to ask them to tone down this intention, to bring it back to the surface at least some color! Delbonnel then sought a compromise, which is the one later seen in the feature film. For Yates the look was inspired by Rembrandtand admitted that Delbonnel’s contribution was so creatively rich as to have also influenced some of his directing choices, in shots and rhythm.

Confirmation of a gay Albus Dumbledore during production

The idea that Albus Dumbledore was homosexual it had never spread, until the time came when JK Rowling he read the film script that Steve Kloves had taken from his novel: in a dialogue Dumbledore quoted a girl he fell in love with when he was youngat which point JK asked for a timely one correctionrevealing that for her Albus was gay and that her only love had been Grindelwald (whom we would later meet in the saga of Fantastic Beasts). The writer decided to go public while promoting the next one Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowsthe last act of his saga which was then split into two films, once transposed to the cinema.
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