Harry Potter, Emma Watson’s “new” life: what the actress decided

The actress, who became famous for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga, is facing a new, completely different step in her personal and professional life.

In fact, defining it as new life is perhaps a bit simplistic. Emma Watson, one of the most beloved actresses, is going through a completely different phase of her life today. This is exactly what the actress we all know and appreciate is doing with the extraordinary saga of “Harry Potter”.

Emma Watson's new life
Actress Emma Watson decides to completely change her life – (turiweb.it)

The saga of the world’s most famous boy wizard actually brought her even greater fame. Yes, because Emma Watson has been in the spotlight from a very young age, considering that in 2015 Time magazine included her in the hundred most influential women on the planet. Today she is indeed still very young, she is only 33 years old. But let’s not exaggerate when we say that already at this age Emma Watson changed her life.

She was born in Paris but has British citizenship. In addition to the iconic role Hermione Granger in the film saga “Harry Potter” (2001-2011), we remember her in other films for her role as Sam in “Endless We” (2012), Belle in the Disney remake of “Beauty and the Beast” (2017) and Meg March in “Little Women” (2019).

Emma Watson’s new life

Our Emma lived more than one life, really. In fact, the actress has always been very active in social issues: she is, in fact, an ambassador of God’s will to the UN for her commitment to gender equality. Very present, for all its influence, in countries where women’s rights are still a utopia, such as Malawi, Bangladesh and Zambia.

Emma Watson, new life
Emma Watson goes on a new journey photo: Ansa – (turiweb.it)

Now Emma Watson has decided to return to the classroom. You understood very well. She graduated from the Faculty of English Literature on May 25, 2014. He attended Brown University in Rhode Island for his first two years, studying history, and then moved to Oxford University’s Worcester College. He spent his senior year at Brown University. However, now studying at the university is no longer enough for her.

After all, Emma Watson has always shown great interest in cinema and theater. And now decided to enroll in a master’s degree in creative writing. Something very serious, considering that the actress will have to attend classes in person, two retreats and an internship. But our Emma seems very determined. Moreover, he will certainly spend very little on this new path: IThe cost of a two-year course is actually around £23,000 (equivalent to around €20,000). But eventually, there will definitely be a new writer of enormous caliber on the market.

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