“Harry Potter fans were grateful for what I said”

The latest statements by will certainly not go unnoticed JK Rowlingauthor of Harry Potter and for years now a character who has ended up at the center of enormous controversy for his held positions transphobic by a large portion of the public.

In the past, she has openly sided with personalities who argued that sex was a real thing and therefore trans women could not truly be considered trans women. Every time she has mentioned it, she has attracted numerous criticisms and now she wears the uncomfortable label of TERF – trans exclusionary radical feministaka a radical feminist who tends to exclude trans women from the conversation about her gender rights.

During the latest episode of the podcast The Witch Trials, JK Rowling has returned to the subject without stepping back, on the contrary. She even admitted that she knew her words would cause a gigantic «shit storm», but despite this she is convinced that she has said things that many can share, including her own fans:

A lot of Harry Potter fans were with me. And actually a lot of fans were grateful for what I said.

The English writer also added that she had received numerous support emails, but the story also caused unpleasant backlashes:

Personally, it wasn’t fun and at times I was afraid for my safety and especially that of my family. Time will tell if I was wrong. I can only say that I have thought about it deeply, hard and long and have listened, I promise, from the other side.

No change of mind, however, as he specified during the podcast:

I believe in every word I wrotebut the question is: what is truth? And I’m arguing with people who are literally saying that sex is a construct.

The controversy against Rowling has made a comeback recently, with numerous calls online to boycott the latest video game, Hogwarts Legacy, based on the magical universe of Harry Potter and company. In recent days, surprisingly, one of the actresses of the film saga has spoken out in favor of her, arguing that the writer should be listened to.

Very different the opinion of star like Emma Watson And Daniel Radcliffe, who have repeatedly exposed themselves to distance themselves from Rowling’s transphobic positions. After having almost officially put Fantastic Beasts aside, Warner would be ready to relaunch the wizard franchise: will the controversy against the author make things more complicated?

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