Harry returns to father (and brother)

It didn’t actually end Spotify’s twenty million pound contract, which unceremoniously dismissed the Archetypes podcast: after top manager Bill Simmons insulted them with unique qualifications, Sussex found themselves with empty pockets, or at least more empty than they thought. Family clothing washed in a public square has lost interest, it appears Harry and Meghan are no longer infatuated with anyoneSo much so that he may have decided to take a break (from work) and fly alone to Africa, which has always been his favorite retreat, to clear his head and, it seems, shoot a documentary, perhaps to please Netflix, which cannot confirm the 100 million contract signed with the Sussexes, given that some projects have already been put on hold, including a documentary on disinformation and a children’s program, while at least some television ideas are immediately has been rejected.

In the meantime, constant insults come up Which the dukes have been facing for some time now: from Harry in the third row at his grandmother’s funeral, apparently receiving a ‘no’ in response, to a request to return to the USA on Royal Force One (one might even ask why they had the crazy idea to ask the President of the United States for a ride, who would have refused for fear of damaging relations with the royal family, and especially King Charles). For the same reason, the first lady, Jill Biden, has reportedly declined to attend. declined the invitation of the Duke of Sussex to the Invictus Games in Holland), Spotify steps backwards The famous and controversial ‘spare’ has a habit of not tossing it straight into the dustbin, even if it doesn’t matter because that agreement has been respected, if nothing else, until Jeremy Zimmer, a prominent Hollywood agent – he’s managed the careers of stars of Benedict Cumberbatch’s caliber – who defined Meghan, without preamble, as ‘arrogant with no talent’.

It’s unbelievable to think how many mistakes these two have made togetherDespite advice from top professionals to decide your future. Instead, everything fell apart and, given the very high standard of living to which the couple would be accustomed, they must not have taken the size reduction very well: it is rumored that the pharaonic villa in Montecito, with nine bedrooms, nineteen bathrooms and an infinity park, the scene of the famous interview with Oprah, has already been sold, presumably to the great relief of the neighbors, which in any case Markle could hardly afford (for the record, Katy Perry and Ellen DeGeneres ). The fact is that, after some calculations and long deliberation, Harry, alarmed by the lack of fluid, He may have decided to return to Canossa and seek help from his father and brother: ie, King Charles and Prince William. As the Mirror reports, a source close to Buckingham Palace said Harry is beginning to have doubts about his decision to move to California, and may have suggested Meghan returns to London and attends court, even though most people are now betting on an imminent separation: End of the relationship, end of love? Perhaps. Furthermore, gathering his courage, Harry contacted his brother, asking for a “ceasefire”, advice on what to do, and even evaluating the possibility of returning to England “to serve the king”. And what does Carlo think of the return of the prodigal son? It is not known at the moment, but the general swears well informed that the sovereign is considering the opportunity to welcome the fugitives into the family: making sure, however, that, at least this time, they keep their mouths shut tight.

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