Harry Styles Hires Mick Jagger’s Former Bodyguard

Harry Styles | Instagram

The former One Direction is terrified after he suffered a knife-point assault last week.

Harry Styles has reportedly increased his security after he was stolen at knifepoint in London last week.

The former One Direction star is still recovering from a terrifying encounter with a man who pointed a knife at Hampstead on Valentine’s Day. The thug demanded money from the singer and Styles quickly handed him what he had in his pockets.

Police authorities have confirmed that an investigation is underway.

A source told The Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom that the Adore You star has taken matters into their own hands, hiring Mick Jagger’s former bodyguard to keep him safe while in public.

Last year, it was reported that Harry acquired the neighboring properties surrounding his London home to create a “fortress,” after the indigent Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, 26, was convicted of stalking the star after trying to Ask for help with money and food.