Harry Styles launches new chili lip balm

Cosmetics brand Pleasing, owned by Harry Styles, is about to launch Big Lip HA Moisture Balm in Pepper, a new volumizing, hydrating pepper lip balm. Clinically tested to leave lips softer, smoother, fuller & plumper.

nice, Launched in late 2021 by Harry Styles, the genderless beauty line is gearing up for a new product launch: this Moisturizing balm Big Lip HA with pepper, A lip balm which has its own ingredients pepper natural origin.

Pleasing’s new Big Lip HA Pepper Hydrating Balm is a daily lip moisturizer. Clinically tested, colorless and odorless, it leaves lips softer, smoother, fuller and plumper.

Harry Styles launches new chili lip balm

Happy Harry Styles, new lip balm Pepper

The product is not yet available, but visiting a nice site you can turn on notification to be notified when it goes on sale. The price is 25 dollars, which means about 23 euros. It is rich in natural oils, including jojoba oil and coconut oil, oils like shea butter, and flavors of natural fruit and flower extracts for maximum hydration. It is colorless and odorless.

Harry Styles launches new chili lip balm

An additional ingredient is chili pepper, which gives the lip balm a strong aroma and gives a tingling sensation. Also contains ethically sourced beeswax to lock in moisture, protect against dryness, and soothe chapped or irritated lips.

Harry Styles launches new chili lip balm

Like all Pleasing products, Big Lip HA Pepper Moisturizing Balm is animal-free, gluten-free, non-comedogenic, non-irritating and dermatologically tested.

Bulk properties of chili peppers

Chili peppers are known around the table for their spicy and delicious properties, but they can also have the effect of plumping lips. In fact, it contains a substance called capsaicin (or capsaicin), responsible for the sensation of warmth and spiciness when consumed or applied to the skin. When applied to lips chili pepper can stimulate blood circulation in this area. It is this increase in circulation that can temporarily make full and voluminous lips.

If you want to experience the plump chili effect on your lips, it is important to use special lip care products, as Pleasing’s Pepper lip balm, ed. categorically avoid homemade to avoid any unwanted reactions such as irritation or excessive burning.

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