Harry Styles is making summer even hotter with a new product from Pleasing, his beauty, skincare and lifestyle brand. A new lip balm is coming with a very special taste that belongs to the products of the past for lip care and moves away from the artificial and fruity flavors of classic beauty products. It’s called “Big Lip” HA Moisture Balm, and it’s a lip balm that contains cayenne pepper, a type of chili pepper native to French Guiana. Big Lip is the first in Pleasing’s Pepper line and consists of a scented balm containing natural ingredients. The product, as described on the brand’s website, is designed to completely moisturize lips and is packaged in recyclable ingredients.

Along with chili, the lip balm contains hyaluronic acid dispersed in oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, cocoa, sunflower, pineapple and ethically sourced beeswax. Everything is geared towards protecting dry or chapped lips, soothing, nourishing and exfoliating, while cayenne pepper provides a tingly and puffy sensation along with a vibrant flavor. Pleasing’s “Big Lip” is free of animals, dyes and gluten and will be available from today at 6:00 pm on the Pleasing website for $25 (about 22 euros).

Photo credit: Instagram profile @pleasing

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