Harry Styles on holiday in Italy: a new home in Tuscia?

THATThe singer appeared in a photo of former Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, her great friend and possible new neighbor in the countryside on the border of Umbria and Lazio.

Vacation time too Harry Styles. After your adversity “Love on Tour” who traveled all over the world, the English singer chose Italy for a few days of rest.

Concert in Campovolo.

It was in Italy that the star decided to complete her triumphal tour with a full house. TO Campovoloin Romagna, at the only stage in our country, he drove thousands of fans crazy with his successes and even a few sentences in perfect Italian.

Harry Styles love for Italy

After all, it is known how much the singer loves Italy. He has taken several Italian lessons and spends his free time here whenever he can. As in the last days, he was immortalized in Tusiain the province viterbo. Among his countless tattoos, there is another one in Italian on his thigh: the inscription “breakfast”which also testifies to his passion for Italian cuisine.

Photo with Alessandro Michele

Posting a photo on social media is Alexander Mikhail. Former creative director Gucci he is a great friend of Harry Styles and led his style revolution. They appear together against the backdrop of a rural panorama. The singer stands in a T-shirt with a funny slogan “super handsome” and hugs the stylist, who sits and looks into space.

New home in Italy for Harry Styles

In addition to becoming good friends, Harry and Alessandro Michele became neighbors. The stylist bought one Civita di Bagnoregio, memorable “dying city” on the border of Lazio and Umbria. Less visited place than the more famous ones in Italy, but no less beautiful. It is one of the most characteristic villages in the country, nestled in the quiet countryside of Tuscia. Paradise that would penetrate the heart of the former frontman of the group One direction. Here he allegedly bought a hilltop villa with a huge garden and panoramic views of the charming valley of Valle dei Calanci.

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