Harry Styles seen with Taylor Russell will have a new flame after kissing Emily Ratajkowski

After flirting with Emily Ratajkowski, Harry Styles will be dating a new girl. It’s actress Taylor Russell, who recently starred in Bones and All, with whom he was seen walking and on the last leg of his tour.

After flirting with Emily Ratajkowski, Harry Styles Will happen dating a new girl, According to the pictures released by tmz extensionwas seen in the company of the artist taylor russellCanadian actress, recently starred bones and all With Timothée Chalamet. Will it be a new love?

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell spotted together

The dating rumors between Harry Styles and Taylor Russell actually started last month, when the two were spotted by some fans walking together holding hands in London. Then the simultaneous “rehearsals” became more and more present, so much so that it seemed that the actress accompanied the singer on various stages of his tour. Specifically, as TMZ shots reveal, Russell will be sitting behind the scenes, in a spot reserved for VIPs, to attend the last show in Vienna and make her feel his closeness. It is not clear at the moment whether he will follow her on other leg of the tour.

Flirt with Emily Ratajkowski ends after split from Olivia Wilde

Last March, Harry Styles was caught passionately kissing Emily Ratajkowski. It was the Daily Mail that shared footage shot meters away from the couple. Thus the identity of the girl with whom the singer was secretly dating for a few months was exposed. The need for privacy that the singer sought following his turbulent split from Olivia Wilde. “Styles is dating someone but is doing everything possible to keep his identity a secret following the controversy surrounding his relationship with Olivia Wilde,” said a person close to the singer. He told that only his close people know about it.

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