Harry Styles Spotted With Taylor Russell Again, Attendance Will Get Serious

Harry Styles has been spotted with Taylor Russell again. After the first photos stolen in July last year, it seems that the artist is determined to continue flirting with the Canadian actress, Bones and Everything star New love or fleeting flirting?

Harry styles seen again with Taylor Russell. After the first joint photos, which date back to last July, it seems that the artist is determined continue flirting with the Canadian actress, the main character of “Bones and Everything” along with Timothée Chalamet. The new love hypothesis seems more and more plausible.

New photos of Harry Styles with Taylor Russell

Looking at the pictures, there seems to be no more doubt that relationship between Harry Styles and Taylor Russell. The stolen footage, which was reported by the US media and circulated on Twitter, shows a former One Direction member who he hugs and presses the actress to him Canadian. They met on Wednesday evening, August 9, outside the National Theater in London, where Russell had just acted in a play.

So it seems that they don’t want to hide much more from the public eye, although they have not yet formalized their presence. They exchange accomplice looks, hugsthose. they talk very close to each other, which is a sign of an even closer relationship. Then, at the end of the evening, the star of “Bones and Everything” would have been seen. get in Harry Styles’ car. Will they spend the rest of the night together?

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First meetings together

Relationship rumors between Harry Styles and Tatlor Russell actually started last June when some fans spotted them together in London while walking hand in hand. Then there were more and more “rehearsals”, so much so that the actress, apparently, accompanied the singer at different stages of his tour. Specifically, as the TMZ footage shows, Russell would sit backstage in the VIP area to attend the last show in Vienna and make him feel close. It is unknown if she followed him to other tour stops.

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