Harry Styles, stop the show: pregnant fan has to pee

To Anything can happen at a concert, especially when dealing with an artist who has always been very empathetic with his audience. Meanwhile, the audience reached the stadium of Riyasat cardiff to attend the show love on tour Of Harry Styles, will be able to tell about a more unique experience than rare episodes. pop star is sudden closed the concert, Not for illness in the audience, but for allowing the expectant mother to go to the bathroom. And to think that it all started because the latter, so cyana big fan of Styles, had approached the forum for ask the singer for help,

In fact, the young woman wished she was Harry Styles settle a doubtIndicates baby name which she carries in her womb. However, the talk “degenerated” when Cyan asked the interpreter watermelon sugar Of be able to go to the bathroom, “Do you have to pee? You should go,” replied the singer with a smile. And, countering the woman’s hesitation, he urged her not to hold back, engaging the entire stadium audience: “I think we can all agree that Sian needs to go to the bathroom” He asked the fans for an ovation. And he made a promise to her: “If you go, I’ll stop. As long as you do it fast, you won’t lose anything”,

A curious episode was documented by a bystander below the stage, who promptly posted the video on TikTok. during the break, Harry Styles entertains the audience, calling the interruption “a very strange part of the show”. always with a smile, with the awareness that the unexpected could work in their favor, as has happened before. Back on the lawn, Stiles jokes with Sian again, admitting that she was really in a hurry.

In another video, she can be seen finally reaching the climax of choosing a name for the baby. a hemletic doubt for the expectant mother, with four options Available: Stevie, Caleb, Rafe, Harley, The names that Harry Styles submits to the public are then asked to give their preferences with applause. finally it seems caleb won, who received the loudest roar. an ending that satisfied the singer: “Now the job is done”.

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