Harry Styles was shot in the eye during a Vienna concert

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An object thrown at full speed across the stage, covers the whole eye Harry Styles. The singer walks away with his head in his hands, moaning in pain in astonishment. Last Saturday on the occasion of the Forum in Vienna love on the goThe former One Direction member has been pelted countless times by fans, who have pelted him with stones during several concerts. strange blunt instrumentFrom flowers to chicken nuggets to Skittles candies.

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Styles isn’t the only victim Worrying trend of cursing artistes on stage during the performance. last month Mobile phone hit the singer in the face baby rexaAfter collapsing to the ground in pain and shock, she hurried off the stage at New York’s Pier 17 to get into an ambulance and get three stitches at the hospital, where, however, she did not escape a black eye. as reported Rolling stone, alleged assailant Nicholas Malvagna told the Manhattan District Attorney’s office that he planned the attack because “it would be fun.” A few days later, an audience member broke through security as he reached the stage at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles and, he slapped ava max With such violence as to scratch the inside of the artist’s eye. Recently launched a fan a bracelet against kelsia ballerini Thrown up by a spectator during a show in Idaho mother’s ashes to Pink, who was disappointed at the London concert. Now there’s a wave of rebellion against disrespect among artists: inspired by last year’s headliner Kid Cudi a bottle of water and from miscellaneous itemsLeft the stage in mid-set at Rolling Loud Miami, Adele was lying last week reported behavior On the occasion of the residency in Las Vegas: “Have you noticed how people have forgotten concert etiquette at the moment? People throw shit on stage, have you seen them? I challenge you. I challenge you I challenge you to throw something and hit me” he joked before activating a T-shirt shooter.

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