Harry Styles will launch his own perfume line

In recent weeks, Pleasing, Harry Styles’s cosmetics brand, has delighted the general public with the launch of a new range of products called Unusual Friends, defined by nail polishes in eight new color shades and a rich collection of ultra-pop accessories and clothing. Not only. Also Big lip is part of the latest releases of Pleasing moisturizing balm, which can make lips softer, smoother, fuller and plump, which has turned out to be a real beauty amulet and will always be in your purse.

But what’s new about the brand, which never fails to captivate everyone with its attractive and ironic aesthetic, is that from October it will also include fragrances, perfumes created in collaboration with fragrance manufacturer Robertet, a French house founded in 1850 that specializes in fragrances. use of natural materials. Sean Kearney, CEO of Pleasing, in a statement to Beauty business explained: “For a brand deeply rooted in the exploration of color, emotional storytelling and sensory experiences… it is a strategic move to expand into this category.”

There are three fragrances with which the singer seems to be arriving in the world of beauty, and they will go on sale starting next month. Launch of a perfume called “Rivulets”.“Bright, hotand “Closeness” were announced in mid-August 2023, with placement in the site’s “Coming Soon” category, as well as samples included with online orders.

In 2021 we were talking about nail polishes, now Joy has a selection. element from lip and skin care products to a fashion collection including hoodies, t-shirts, shoppers, boxers and socks. The innovative and extravagant vision of singer Harry Styles continues its journey, this time intoxicating the olfactory senses.

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