Harsh reaction from airlines to ban on selling installment tickets

Foreign airlines operating in Argentina expressed their “bewilderment, concern and repudiation” by the decision of the Government to prohibit the sale in installments of air tickets abroad from zero hour on Friday, coinciding with the beginning of the so-called “Black Friday”.

“From the Chamber of Air Lines in ArgentinaJURCA– We want to express our bewilderment, concern and rejection of the measures reported by the BCRA (Communication “A” 7407) by which they report that financial and non-financial entities issuing credit cards should not finance purchases made with credit cards in installments. credit of its clients – human and legal persons – of tickets abroad and other tourist services abroad “, says the statement signed by the executive director of the entity, Felipe Baravalle.

On the contrary, in Aerolineas Argentinas they said that the BCRA measure it does not affect them “at all”, because at this time they were not offering installment tickets.

This Thursday, the BCRA prohibited the sale in installments for tickets abroad and for those who want to pay with a credit card they have the only option make a single payment or be financed with the debit balance of the card.

Not a minor detail is that a large part of the plastics issued in Argentina have spending limits in pesos that, translated its cost to the “tourist dollar” they are not enough to pay in a single installment the price of an air ticket abroad.

“None of this was consulted nor anticipated as possible with our industry, “added the statement from the foreign airlines, who recalled that a few days ago they had requested a meeting with the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur, to claim that there were more daily frequencies than the current rate of a plane landing every half hour.

“It is unfortunate that after more than a year of pandemic has passed, where the industry has requested meetings and work tables with the authorities, including the Chief of Cabinet, this sector is not listened to directly and indirectly generates thousands of jobs and supports ARGENTINE families (sic) whose income comes from it “, added the communication, where it is stated that” we continue without having flights approved as of January 1, 2022Therefore, passengers who would like to come have not yet guaranteed their eventual return from this last date. “

Regarding the BCRA measure, Jurca added that “this is a new hit to our industry, which is still in the recovery stage from the worst crisis in its history “And he listed the penalties applied to tourism.

“Only in our country, in recent times we must bear in mind that on the value of the tariff Today 30% of the PAIS Tax is applied, 35% of Perception + 7% of DNT (Tourism Tax) + 45% of Financing = 117% on the value of the rate“.

According to Jurca, tourism is a round trip business, and the restriction of flights abroad ends up working as an effect boomerang. “If there is no emissive passenger, the equation doesn’t work with just receptive. An operation is simply not sustained where there is no certain Balance between these. If there was an intention to attract tourism or improve connectivity to attract foreign currency, this is certainly not the way. “

The statement ended by stating that “days before the International Tourism Fair in Argentina we wonder what can be planned in a context like this. How can you explain to the Headquarters why other countries are opening up and here we continue to isolate ourselves day after day ”.

Two foreign airlines were frantically checking last night the flow of Internet sales. They discounted that, for informed customers, the last hours of Thursday were going to be used as a window to buy financed tickets before the new BCRA provision came into effect, at midnight. They were not mistaken: from 8:00 pm, in the two companies, the number of consultations “increased substantially”.

“We had peaks of visits and also of sales. And the concrete data is that it was after 20.00”, they pointed out in one of the companies.

“It is similar to when the PAIS tax was announced, but in this case with just hours so I can buy before the rules change, “said the other.

In Aerolineas Argentinas, on the other hand, they said laconically that the BCRA’s decision does not affect them “at all.” They added in the company whose political leadership responds to The field: “We had no foreign quotas at this time.”

In the foreign airlines, on the stroke of midnight, they were also shuffling a piece of information that they were checking. “They tell us that credit cards have no way of distinguishing if a payment in installments is for a trip abroad or a cabotage trip, which is why they could end up rejecting any type of payment in installments of air tickets, including the domestic passengers that are promoted with the Pre-trip “.

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