Harvard says it: human beings are not made to run

Do physical activity It is vital to maintain healthy habits that allow us to prevent conditions and diseases that occur over the years.

One of the favorites is to run: the “running“He has adherents all over the planet. However, a professor of Harvard It states that the human being is not made to carry out this activity for a long time.

In the book “Exercise“, written by Daniel E. Lieberman and published in Spanish by the Editorial Pasado y Presente, it is stated that the human being never evolved to exercise, from a scientific point of view.

In any case, the writing does not propose to stop exercising, but the possibility of doing it in a moderate way. According to this essay, evolution did not make us to run, but to walk: that is why we need to sit down.

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Using the tools of evolutionary anthropology, Lieberman debunks some myths and explains what type of exercise is best for maintaining health.

Sit or stand

In his visits to hunter-gatherer societies, Lieberman observed that their members spent long hours lying down or sitting while talking or doing jobs that did not require standing. However, when it came to hunting or going for water, they could travel more than 12 kilometers a day.

So, Lieberman believes that instead of demonizing a completely normal activity like sitting, we should promote healthier ways of doing it, such as remembering to get up frequently (for example, not sitting for more than 45 minutes at a time) and making sure that we don’t sit all day.

Excess calories consumed

“Compared to other mammals, it is possible that humans have evolved to be especially reluctant to exercise,” argues Lieberman in a promotional interview for his book, describes the Jared site.

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And it is that our instinct has educated us not to waste energy in unnecessary efforts since the energy expenditure of the basal metabolism (the one of the most basic processes to keep us alive), is 1,530 calories. Only the brain consumes between 20% and 25% of the total. So, according to the teacher’s accounts, a person weighing about 82 kilos will spend around 1,700 calories even if they sit for 24 hours.

Moderate exercise

However, in the book, the author does not make an apology for sedentary life and details the relationship between sport, health and disease. And it explains why it is easier for us to walk than to run or, in short, to do light exercise instead of pushing the body to the limit.

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And it is that we are adapted to perform a reasonable amount of moderate physical activity and, occasionally, an intense one. It is a basic instinct to avoid physical activity when it is not necessary or rewarding. To cope with this situation, Lieberman advocates small acts to be active such as taking about 10,000 steps a day (the equivalent of about five miles).

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