Harvey Weinstein Is Going Blind In Prison, According to His Lawyer

Harvey Weinstein.

Norman Effman commented that the former producer must also go to the dentist to have implants applied, after losing several teeth in recent months

Once confirmed that a Los Angeles court has summoned producer Harvey Weinstein – who is serving a 23-year prison sentence in New York for various sexual offenses – to face justice for as many charges of rape and sexual abuse Allegedly committed on Californian territory between 2004 and 2013, the disgraced businessman’s lawyers continue to offer various arguments to prevent his client from having to travel to the west coast of the United States.


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While on Monday the 12th it was announced that Weinstein’s legal team had filed an appeal to annul or postpone that call from the Californian justice (referring to his delicate state of health and the inappropriateness of having to travel by plane in these times of coronavirus), now its main representative, Norman Effman, has cited many other physical problems and future interventions to make it clear that the producer is not, in his opinion, in a position to undergo so much hustle.

Effman has come to assure that Harvey Weinstein would have lost a lot of vision during the months that he has been behind bars – specifically, between the Wende penitentiary center, in the state of New York – and that he must also put himself in the hands of a good dentist to have several implants applied to protect his apparently bad teeth. It should be remembered that, in October of last year, his lawyers adopted an even more dramatic and almost gloomy tone to explain the reasons why Weinstein should be released from prison and serve his sentence in terms that are less damaging to his physical integrity.


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“Your chances of surviving in these conditions are quite low. Harvey Weinstein’s mental and physical health has clearly deteriorated in recent times, so I don’t think we are exaggerating by calling for his release on these grounds. The defendant is almost blind and does not have adequate outpatient care, and needs to take 20 types of medication, “ said his lawyer Barry Kamins before the judge who was studying his application.


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