Has Started To Produced, Xiaomi Mi-Mix-Alpha Use The Snapdragon 865


INDOZONE.ID In September of 2019 reported, Xiaomi has announced the presence of the innovative smartphone-his name Mi-Mix-Alpha. Smartphones are known, with a design that is quite unique.

The reason Xiaomi Mi-Mix-Alpha comes with an OLED display covered the entire surface of the phone, both front-to-rear. Not only that, the power and volume buttons are usually there on the page already covered with a screen.

It is, to see what makes this smartphone unique and very interesting. Note that at this time, Xiaomi with the production of Mi-Mix of Alpha mass and sold began in the year 2020, is be.

Based on information from In addition, microsoft has announcedthe international version of the Mi-Mix will be equipped-Alpha with a support 5G. Since the Xiaomi equips this smartphone with Snapdragon chipset 865 Qualcomm.

At the time it was first introduced, smartphone Mi-Mix-Alpha only equipped with a Snapdragon chipset 855 Plus, so that’s a little, if this chip set is not used, on the smartphone, which was released the year 2020.

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