Has the ‘peta’ to sell a replica of the bands for Kim Kardashian


The sisters O “dominating” in the world of fashion and beauty, it is no new thing. There are only a couple of days, Primark joining the renowned hair stylist to the stars Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Andrew Fitzsimonsin order to launch a collection with all the products and accessories for the hair with you to achieve a hairstyle from a heart attack, worthy of a true Kardashian. The line AF’s X-Primark unites shampoos, conditioners and oils to seal the ends, face masks, shampoos, dry, combs, coleteros, a brush, a hairdryer, and a long etc. Of course, the success is assured. The irish company was not the only one “advantage” to the success of the sisters, and the Zara you are petando thanks to one of the last own genius of the Kardashian, the most well-known, Kim.

There are a couple of months ago, the wife of Kanye West stunned his millions of fans with his latest adventure. We would revolucionaba in the apparel industry, with the inner Skimsa subscription reducers to to model the figure and to highlight the areas that you want to go. From the straps to, to body and the bras. The collection was launched on the 10th of September, and it has become a great success in sales, surpassing the $ 2 million mark in just a few minutes. Eva does not take on the “double” on the advantage and now has her own line of training in the style Skims.

The Collection In The Shape Controll Effect (Fair).

The collection is named after Shape Controll Effect and, for the moment, it only has three parts to the black color: a top, some pants, a cut-off pirate and a mini-dress, adjusted the straps. According to the description of the flagship of Inditex, and the dress is made out of fabric, moulding defining and stylizing without restricting your movement, straight neckline and thin straps are adjustable, and it is available in the 19,95 €.

Dress from Zara
Dress, fabric, moulding (Eva / 19,95 €).

The leggings are worth Totalling eur 17.95 eur and, finally, to the top 12,95 €. Even though this is the first session in your account with just a few products, be sure that the empire of Amancio Ortega, if you put the batteries in in quickly and continues to surprise us with new designs and shades. | [LEER: Arco: los estilismos que han marcado la cita más ‘trans’ de la Reina]