Haunted house: new trailer reveals the image of Winona Ryder

Disney has released a new trailer for the highly cast horror comedy The Haunted House, which is expected in theaters from August 23rd. The video shows the image of Winona Ryder for the first time.

Haunted House, a horror comedy inspired by the famous Disney theme park ride, will be in theaters in Italy from August 23while in the US since the 11th of the same month. So in these hours was released new trailer a project that offers a close look at an extraordinary cast, among which the presence Winona Ryder – whose appearance is revealed for the first time.

Haunted House – A new trailer introduces the “dream team” hunting for spirits.

As seen in the new trailer, ghost house tells the story of a single mother (Rosario Dawson) and her son who move into their dream home, paid for at a bargain price. Soon, however, the two protagonists will realize that strange ghosts in the housewho wake up every day at midnight. In order not to be stuck in the house forever, Gabby and his son turn to dream team of experts, whose background includes a priest, psychic, former paranormal investigator and history professor. However, the mission will prove to be more difficult than expected.

So the trailer shows for the first time Ghostbusters “Avengers” in actionrevealing the look Winona Ryder – also expected in the fifth season very strange things And in Beetlejuice 2, whose work, however, is blocked by the current ongoing strikes. Near Rosario Dawsonthen we find a stellar cast formed, like Winona Ryder, from Owen Wilson, Lakeith Steinfeld – series star Atlanta -, Danny DeVito, Tiffany HiddishChase Dillon, Dan Levy Jamie Lee Curtis AND Jared Leto – interpreters, respectively, of the perfumes of Madame Leota and Alistair Crump/Hatbox Ghost, two of Disneyland’s most beloved characters. Director Justin Simien – Former showrunner on Star Wars Landau, still without an official release date – and based on a screenplay by Katie Dippold, the feature film will be distributed in the United States as PG-13, meaning it’s forbidden to unaccompanied minors under the age of 13. About twenty years after the first project inspired by the famous attraction – with Eddie Murphy the main character – Disney finally managed to make a remake / reboot, which for a long time remained in limbo in production. After previewing, switch to Giffoni Film Festival 2023July 27 ghost house will be in theaters, as mentioned, from August 23rd.

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