Haunted Mansion Director, Editor and Composer: “Two people I can’t talk enough about” | Movie

ghost house, based on the famous Disney attraction, will be released in theaters in Italy on August 23rd. We know actors are always the most famous and recognizable faces in a film’s production, but it’s equally true that there are shadow figures who make a significant contribution to a product’s success. And in this period of strikes and discontent, it is more significant than ever.

This film is definitely no exception, given the names of the actors: Winona Ryder, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rosario Dawson, Jared Leto and many others. But on the other hand, thanks for some key figures less known to the public.

The director of the film told Comic Book about this. ghost house Justin Simien:

I have to thank my editor Philp Bartell. We have been doing post-production for a long time. There was a lot of filming, testing, rehearsals and experimentation for such a movie, especially from Disney. It’s a big part of the process, and really, without it, I wouldn’t have made it.

Simien also has words of gratitude for the composer of the film:

And also my composer Chris Bowers, who I’ve been working with since the series. Dear white people. He has this magical ability to take a soundtrack from classical, cinema, jazz, pop and mix them all together. (…) These are two people that I can never talk about enough.


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