Haunted Mansion: preview without actors and first reaction to the film by Justin Simien

haunted Mansion The film is adapted from one of the most popular attractions available at the various Disney theme parks. Once upon a time there was already an attempt to bring to the big screen a film that could somehow restore to the public the somewhat sinister but at the same time magical atmosphere of the original attraction. it was 2003 and it was coming to the movies Ghost House, whom he saw as the lead actor Eddie Murphy, Joe drifted slightly away from Seventh Art in later years, only returning in the last two years. Ghost House It was nowhere near the success it expected, and critics weren’t always kind. Arrival, in 2023, of haunted Mansion has prompted fans to ask if this time around they will get a chance to enjoy a well-made film that manages to live up to the expectations of the public.

What is the film about?

haunted Mansiondirector justin simien and which arrives in Italian cinemas again on August 23 with the Italian title Ghost Housepresents itself with a first-class cast led by an audience of stars such as Rosario Dawson, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito And Jamie Lee Curtis,
The story follows a young mother named Gabby (Dawson) who lives in an old mansion she bought on the cheap, but discovers that the house is haunted by a supernatural presence. At this point Gabi is forced to seek help from a group of professionals including local guides, psychics, priests and historians.

premiere of haunted Mansion and first reactions

haunted mansion – haunted house Already comes with a record with it. This was the first premiere held after the Hollywood Actors Union went on strike (here’s our info). due to rules established by SAG – AFTRAIn fact, actors under contract cannot participate in any activities related to their work, including publicity associated with premieres, productions, etc. That’s why the rich cast of the film was unable to walk the red carpet: that didn’t stop Disney from holding the premiere, as we read further. vultures, However, the premiere did give the press an opportunity to preview the film and share the first reactions on Twitter, which seem overwhelmingly positive.

Steve Weintraub, of colliderHe wrote:

“Happy to say that Haunted Mansion is one of those family movies that will scare the kids, make the adults laugh (a lot) and fans of the attraction will be glued to the screen because the movie is chock full of Easter eggs. Director Justun Simien and screenwriter Katie Dipold did a really great job.

Critic Laura Sirikul wrote:

“Haunted Mansion is entertainment, full of fun and funny jokes. The first half is a bit slow, but picks up pace in the second and third. Good scare for kids. Disney fans will love the Easter eggs. It tries to go too deep, but it’s still fun to watch.”

by Ron Seol-oh PoC Cultures, Instead, he writes:

“I got to see the haunted mansion (before the strike). It’s a love letter to the iconic Disney attraction and, at the same time, a family-friendly thriller. The cast is extraordinary and hilarious, led by LaKeith Stanfield. Filled with funny cameos, charm references and a healthy dose of jump scares.

In addition to its emphasis on fun and entertainment, Jazz Tangke Diversity He also wanted to highlight other aspects of the film. In fact, he wrote:

“I didn’t expect Haunted Mansion to be a study in loss and grief, but Justin Simien, through his masterful storytelling, has given us the best adaptation of this much-loved attraction. Lots of laughs and lots of jumping around (of fear, ed.). Chris Bowers’ soundtrack is enjoyable. Great cast.”

So reading these first responses it feels like haunted mansion It promises to be one of the best movies of the summer, which is sure to satisfy the interest of various audiences. It is not the first time that Disney has staked everything on the cinematographic transposition of its successful attractions: the most shocking case, without a doubt, is that of Pirates of the Caribbean, with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. who knows what haunted Mansion He cannot be succeeded.

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