Have you ever seen Travis Scott without pigtails? Here is the picture

Travis Scott always has flawless hair, but have you ever seen him without pigtails? Here is a photo of her hair!

Travis Scott, alias of Jacques Bermont Webster II, is one of the most influential rappers of the moment, but despite being very famous, there are still some idiosyncrasies in his personal life that maybe *not everyone* knows about. . With his latest performances and a brilliant idea to present his new album on the pyramids of Giza, the artist always finds a way to get people talking about himself … But what intrigues us today? if you’ve ever seen her hair without the iconic braids. If the answer is no, you are in the right place because Miss Webbo will show you a photo!

We are now used to seeing Travis Scott, like many other rappers, with his hair always on top, primarily because he always has his iconic and unmistakable braids. However, in a popular video on TikTok the real hair of the American rapper is shown. The reaction from fans was unexpected because many *appreciated her natural hair while others *poked fun at the video wondering who the person was. On the other hand, we’re used to seeing Travis with his fantastic haircut that he’s been wearing for a while now.

Between the change of appearance and the other, we will continue to enjoy his music and especially the new releases. And you, have you ever seen it? with a ponytail or very short hair? We’ll keep you posted* on any upcoming changes!

(PHOTO: Instagram/TikTok)

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