Have you read John Mayer the memory of Jessica Simpson, open Book?


Jessica Simpson He sure had a lot to say about John Mayer in his memoir, “open Book”, but what I’ve read the singer himself?

That was the big question when it appeared the musician in “Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen” Wednesday night, during a game of Never Have I Ever.

After a viewer asked him if he had opened the book, Mayer revealed that he had not … and it probably will not.

“I heard about that. I heard some things,” he replied. “But as Pee Wee Herman says in ‘The great adventure of Pee Wee’ before the movie of his life is about to end at the end, he is not seeing the movie and the reason why it is not seeing the movie, he says: ‘I don’t’ I don’t have to see it Dottie, I lived it. I think that is prophetic here. “

In his book, Jessica said that her relationship with Mayer began, innocently enough, he said, before announcing her divorce to Nick Lachey. They met at a party of the Grammy in February of 2005, with Mayer sending you notes every time more intimate. “As soon as I was single, he made his move,” he said.

“He loved me as best they could and I loved that love for a long time,” he continued. “Too much time. And I went forth and back for a long time. But I controlled”.

She stated that John “time and time again … he told me he was obsessed with me, sexually and emotionally”, but that often felt inadequate in the relationship. “I was so afraid to let it down that I couldn’t even send a text message without someone to review my grammar and spelling,” he added, and said that the anxiety contributed to your alcohol dependence.

Simpson said that Mayer broke up with her by e-mail, but your relationship really came to an end after that, he called it “napalm sex” in an interview with now-infamous Playboy.

During the game of WWHL, Mayer also revealed that he has never been ejected from a hotel by behavior “rebellious”, has never called his penis or listened to your own music while hooked up or is hooked in the bathroom of a restaurant. However, he had many sex dreams with an ex.

Cohen also asked if Mayer had had no news Ariana Grande or Gal Gadot after being mocked in the video, the star of “Wonder Woman” orchestrated, showing her and other celebrities singing “Imagine”. In his parody, Mayer said he also was asked to participate in the video, but not understood the task, and sent a clip of him singing “Imagine” from Ariana.

“I did not hear of Gal Gadot … yeah I heard of Ariana,” said Mayer. “I wanted to make sure that she knew that I was not making fun of her and that I was not making fun of anyone in that video”.

The original video itself, that drew criticism online after fallinghe added, “If someone comes to you with a tool to help you, but it is not exactly the right tool for the job, even so will try to help. Just look for opportunities to make people laugh in this moment.”

The segment ended with Andy asking whether Mayer was “uncircumcised, as it is rumored”. The response of John: “My father is a jewish man”, sung to the tune of “My body is a wonderland”.