“Having natural nails is not a sign of neglect or lack of self-love” – ​​says the style expert – Torino News 24

“Having Natural Nails Isn’t a Sign of Neglect or a Lack of Self-Love”—Says a Style Expert

In recent years, professional manicures have become increasingly popular due to the popularity of nail art in specialty salons and among celebrities. This change was also made possible by the presence of low cost centers offering accessible services.

But this trend can be misunderstood in the age of self-care, where investing time and money in yourself is often praised. Getting a manicure can’t compare to beneficial mental health practices like exercise or mindfulness.

“Like everything else, a manicure is a choiceOne – and almost a luxury, given the amount of hours and euros required for this – no obligation – writes Violeta Valdés, style expert at Vogue Italia – “If we think we have overcome some existential problems, Now how can we apologize for the natural state of our hands? Apologizing for dirty hands would be like apologizing for acne or for showing up with dirty hair someday: absolutely absurd. Needless to mention that these are purely female excuses; a man probably would never have thought to apologize for the state of his nails… Why apologize? Is it an insult to others? So far, neat and short nails Nails have always been seen as a sign of self-esteem and self-love; and that was considered enough. But has professional manicure now become the new way to show off regulation nails? A pertinent question now is that more and more More men – perhaps following the example of Bad Bunny or Jay-Z – are getting manicures and social media has caused beauty standards to skyrocket.

Today the manicure trend is followed scrupulously everywhereBut we shouldn’t overlook the importance of wearing natural, or even imperfect, nails the way we want – concludes Violet Valdés – “and resisting a certain beauty routine is not negligence, and should never be taken for granted.” -Should not be understood as a disadvantage. It has always been said that hands, like shoes, say a lot about us: how much we pay attention to ourselves, our lifestyle, our tastes…more The thought behind the absence of a manicure could also be: «I’m on leave for hand care gel and my economy”, as the post was sarcastic. And that’s a perfectly respectable choice.”

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