Hawaii, Matthew McConaughey mobilizes for the children of Maui

Actor Matthew McConaughey also mobilizes for childrenMaui islandin Hawaii, where the damage done fires led to the death of more than a hundred people.

With the financial backing of former host Oprah Winfrey, the actor Dwayne Johnson and help sent Jason MomoaThe 53-year-old Texas actor and his entire family decided finance the plane contingencies that bring supplies to Maui.

The Oscar winner (for his role as a cowboy with AIDS in the biopic Dallas Buyers Club), explains in a video posted on his Instagram profile that he worked with the organization “Baby2Baby” to finance the emergency aircraft.

Matthew McConaughey mobilizes for Maui

Actor – with his wife Camila Alves and to his son Levi – explains that the plane is “full of hundreds of thousands of essentials that will have a direct impact on children and families on Maui.”

In the video, father and son share their feelings about devastation who are faced with the Hawaiians and plan of action to help. “The fires there drove so many people out of their homes and claimed so many lives. These people need to stabilize in order to stay alive, ”says the star.

Actor and his wife Camila Alves (Instagram)

And he continues: “Camila, Levy and I are working with this organization called Baby2Baby, which works with active partners on the ground, showing what people need most right now.”

His 15-year-old son Levi adds: “They will need help. long-termso any way you guys can contribute is welcome.”
Finally, the blond Hollywood star wrote in the caption, “Grateful for the opportunity to help deliver these supplies. necessary for children and families in need.”

Oscar winner announces partnership with Baby2Baby to fund Crash Plane (Instagram)

Hawaii, Joe Biden and the first lady will fly to Maui

After the fire became the deadliest in the United States in over a century, the death toll in Hawaii continues to rise.

As of August 16, 106 victims have been confirmed, but local officials are convinced there will be at least a few hundred and, above all, fear that many children.

It is reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing Elle Cochran, representing West Maui, including Lahaina (a city of 12,000 people razed to the ground by flames) in the Hawaii House of Representatives.

The flames that engulfed the island of Maui (Instagram)

On Tuesday many schools Lahaina and surroundings canceled lessons due to a power outage in the morning.

Thus, many families in a predominantly working-class community left their children at home alone or with older relatives, while they themselves left to work in companies or in resorts outside the city.

So far, law enforcement has searched just under a third of Lahaina, meaning bodies in most of the city have yet to be found.

And besides, only three victims were identified, since most of the corpses were burned so badly that discovery Fingerprints This is impossible.

DNA may be the only way to identify them. So much so that the US Department of Health and Human Services is sending a team to help identify the remains.

Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will fly to Maui, Hawaii on August 21 to personally experience the damage caused by the fires, the White House said, stressing that the president will meet with rescuers, survivors, federal and state officials.

“I remain committed to ensuring that the people of Hawaii have everything they need to recover from this disaster,” the US president wrote in a post.

Biden means judge for yourself “the aftermath of the fires” and “discuss next steps for relief,” the statement said.

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