‘Hawkeye’ will show something big in its latest episode

Rhys thomas, director and executive producer of Hawkeye has revealed that something big and important will happen in the latest episode of the series. He has commented on it during an interview with the specialized medium BadTaste.

The director has explained that the story will naturally come to a point where they will make the ending satisfy those who watch the series and at the same time be something that stands on its own. “Things will get bigger and bigger”

“We are also going to offer everyone something important in the last episode, and at the same time it will be something nice.” What can it be about? If the rumors are correct, this would be the end of the story for Clint barton (Jeremy Renner) and the passing of the witness to Kate bishop What Hawkeye. And it is possible that things go that way.

Hawk Eye is the new Marvel series that you can only see on Disney +

Premiere: November 24

Hawkeye It will also serve as the introduction to Maya Lopez / Echo, played by Alaqua Cox and appearing at the end of the second episode of the series. The character will have his own series on Disney + in 2022.

Will ‘Hawkeye’ be the introduction to the Young Avengers?

Another great possibility is that Kate bishop and Hawkeye as a series is the first introduction to Young Avengers, a group of superheroes made up of teenagers who have some relationship with one of the members of The Avengers.

Some of the members of this group are characters that are being introduced or will be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in upcoming series and movies. Including the daughter of Scott lang (Ant-Man), the two children of Scarlet Witch and Vision and Kang the conqueror.

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Yes, one of Kang’s teenage variants ends up being part of the group, known as Iron Lad. To complicate matters even more, in the comics, the character’s armor ends up being a remake of Vision, which gets the memories and personality of the character.

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