Hayao Miyazaki’s new anime sets box office record in Japan

Hayao Miyazaki’s new anime, internationally titled The Boy and the Heron, which succeeds the previous How Do You Live?, recorded exceptional numbers upon its release in Japan. Studio Ghibli’s bet is winning: release the film without sharing anything, not even a trailer!

Toshio Suzukithe president Studio Ghiblihe made a beautiful one bidplacement without advertising in Japanese salt last souls masters Hayao Miyazakiinternational title boy and heron (replaces previous “How are you doing?“). Released on July 14, the full-length animated film hits several box office record…even without a trailer or advertising teaser! Only with poster what you see above, and the Japanese public’s boundless love for one of its artistic symbols.
(photo by Hayao Miyazaki from Wikimedia Commons)

Hayao Miyazaki’s The Boy and the Heron hits the Japanese box office again

boy and heron“, boy and heronthis is the final international name new full-length anime film From Hayao Miyazaki (82 years old) and Studio Ghibli. Released in Japanese theaters on July 14, also from day one in IMAX. it was not preceded by any advertising promotion, even without teasers, trailers or official images. Unpublished synopsis. No press preview. Just a poster up. An extreme choice that even Hayao himself had been worried about in recent days. However, this is not a problem, because President Suzuki’s smart and unconventional bet, based only on the relationship between authors and audiences in the name of quality, a recognized spectacle, unseen by both parties, has paid off. Here I am.
The opening weekend brought in 1,830,000,000 yen, equal to $13,200,000. breaking the studio’s previous record and Hayao with Haul’s walking castlewhich in 2004 traveled 1,480,000,000 yen. launch simultaneously in IMAX format on day onethe second challenge of this release: 44 giant screens recorded a revenue of 236 million yen ($1,700,000), which is a record in Japan for any type of production, animated or real-life!
Now that the film has been released, we at least know something about it. synopsis, inspired by How Do You Live?, a 1937 book written by Genzaburo Yoshino. Communicating with friends and his uncle, the boy grows psychologically. Finding an abandoned tower in his city, he finds himself in Magic worldwhere is he waiting for him talking gray heron.

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