HBO has ordered The Franchise, a comedy-parody of superhero films

The new series stars Himesh Patel and Aya Cash. And behind the scenes is Oscar winner Sam Mendes.

What if we told you that the creator Vice President Armando Iannucci and showrunner Continuity John Brown, two of the most acclaimed and awarded series of recent years, are returning to HBO with a new comedy? What if we also told you that Franchise, as it’s called, will it poke fun at Marvel and DC while exploring the world behind the scenes of the struggling superhero film sector? You’ll probably already be searching between the lines for when we’ll be able to see it, but since we’ll still have to wait, here are a few more juicy details.

Franchise: everything we know about the new series

A series with half-hour episodes, the first season of which was just greenlit by the American channel HBO. Franchise follows the team of an underrated franchise as they fight for their place in a wild and unruly cinematic universe. The series sheds light on the hidden chaos in the world of superhero movies by asking the question: How exactly are they made? You will discover that everything, even the worst, has its own origin story.

Emmy Award Nominee for Station eleven Himesh Patel and former star Boys Aya Cash they will be the faces Franchise together with Jessica Hynes (Years and years), Billy Magnussen (Made for love), Lolly Adefope (Miracle Workers), Darren Goldstein (Ozark), Isaac Powell (American Horror Story), Oscar nominee Richard E. Grant (Original copy) and MCU star Daniel Bruhl (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier). As if that weren’t enough, the Oscars Sam Mendes (American beauty) completes the team behind the series.

“With the quick touch that only he can provide, Sam has brilliantly captured the romance and reality of today’s cinema,” Amy Gravitt, HBO’s executive vice president of programming, said in a statement. “John is exceptional at bringing to life worlds we think we already know. Together with Armando they created a truly funny comedy. I can’t wait to see the sequel.”

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