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HBO Max has the best thriller ever and stars Angelina Jolie

Although the pandemic by the Covid-19 It has caused serious effects around the world, the cinema is an industry that has also been affected by this problem, so many high-quality films have gone unnoticed, such is the case of the one starring Angelina Jolie and that premiered this Friday on the platform HBO Max.

With a pretty forceful title Those who wish my death (Those Who Wish Me Dead) It is one of the best suspense films that have been released during the pandemic, but for reasons unrelated to the production, it could not be given the publicity it deserved; however, critics gave it mostly positive reviews for the fascinating plot.

The story centers on Connor (Finn Little), a child witness to a homicide, who is chased by two murderers (Nicholas Hoult Y Aidan Gillen) through the wilds of Montana. Although he has the help of Hannah (Angelina Jolie), a firefighter and survival expert, she will suffer some complications, due to carrying demons from her past.

Hannah will do everything in her power to prevent the subjects from catching Connor, but a dangerous nearby fire threatens to end the lives of everyone involved.

Critics’ opinion focused on the work of Jolie and the director Taylor Sheridan, who has worked as a screenwriter on the films Hitman, since the formula was interesting, to the point of keeping the spectators on the edge of the seat.

The plot is simple, but exciting, due to the narrative that is handled throughout the hour 40 minutes that lasts Those who wish my death, with thrilling and suspenseful sequences, as well as well-structured action moments.

Simply Those who wish my death is an excellent option full of adrenaline and mystery to enjoy this weekend on the platform of HBO Max.

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