HBO Max is also doing Evil with Brad Pitt, it’s pure adrenaline.

Curte Films de Ação? Or HBO Max is the perfect option to watch a movie this week! We’re talking about Three Balls, a gripping thriller that combines action and comedy in a gripping plot. One of the biggest long batons is on the list of stars, led by Brad Pitt.

Directed by David Leitch (Atômica), Trem-Bala will hit theaters in 2022. This long story is watchable, entertaining and fast-paced, not so much because of the great action sequences, but because of the entertaining and story-driven characters.

Based on the novel by Japanese writer Kotaro Isaki, Tram Bala earned more than $240 million. However, the film failed to win over specialist critics, with Rotten Tomatoes receiving only 54% approval.

We’ll show you everything you know about HBO Max’s exciting plot and roster of amazing characters; confira!

Trem Ball dinner.

Trem Bala temória Story Cheia de Adrenaline no HBO Max

To enjoy movies with laid-back action—in production styles like John Wick, Kate, and Ningham—Treme Bala is the best companion in the HBO Max catalog.

Bold and full of surprises, this film is also a must-have to enjoy the stories, which feature a sequence of adrenaline-filled action and truly thrilling moments.

“Ladybug, a professional assassin, faces off against other male matadors aboard the Trem Ball,” reads the official synopsis for Trem Ball.

Long waits are easy! “Treme Bala” tells the story of Ladybug (or Joaninha), a professional assassin who, after a long and fruitful career, is ready to do anything to change her life.

On his latest mission, the matador must overcome the curse of the unscrupulous argument that circulates the world at an ever-increasing speed.

Meanwhile, to achieve her goal, Ladybug is forced to confront some of the most brutal killers of her generation – in a bullfight against the clock where nothing is what it seems.

List of Three Balls.

Brad Pitt leads Trem Ball

As we mentioned earlier, Brad Pitt is the main character of Three Balls. Star of Senior and Mrs. Smith and the Era of Uma Vez in Hollywood, lives the killer Ladybug.

Barraca do Beijo’s Joey King plays the Prince, a murderous young man who has neglected his childhood.

Brian Tyree Henry (Eternos) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Wingadors: Age of Ultron) interpret Lemon and the Mandarin, two assassin heroes.

Michael Shannon, or General Zod from the DCEU, plays the White Death, a brutal Russian mafia chef.

Sandra Bullock from Bird Box and Miss Sympathy is the Maria Beatle responsible for Ladybug’s missteps.

Mexican singer Bad Bunny plays a special role, as does Wolf, an assassin bent on winning the Three Balls.

Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2), Andrew Koji (Snake Eyes), Hiroyuki Sanada (John Wick 4) and Logan Lerman (Frankia Percy Jackson) were also short-lived.

You can watch Three Balls on HBO Max, see below or the trailer.

After HBO Max, there was a bad movie with Brad Pitt, pure adrenaline, which first appeared in Film Observatory.

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