He 2 the New technology iPhone 12, Not HP Another iPhone, note!


WE Online, Surakarta

Apple a mobile phone is preparing the next-generation iPhone 11, namely the iPhone 12. In addition to the, allegedly, supports Wi-Fi connectivity, which rumor has it will still never existed in the other HP, mobile new it, fitted the screen, 120Hz.

Other rumors said that iPhone models 12 Pro Max supports the 120Hz screen and modem 5G. While the battery capacity of 4,400 mAh.

“The Device Flagship Apple 2020, it will have a screen size of 6.7 cm, and the possibilities of 5G refresh rate 120Hz, as well as the camera eyes of four,” said the report, cited UbergizmoOn Wednesday (11/3/2020).

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Last week, XDA Max Weinbach Develop said, Apple is still the old design for the sake of show, punch-hole equipped shows the entire sensor to the front.

However, that needs to be underlined, it seems to be a series of Apple plans messy look, because of the outbreak of the corona, which gave birth to travel restrictions and the closure of the plant on a temporary basis.