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Last Friday was not another day at The Omaha Bakery, as an exceptional act of generosity left all employees with their mouths open: after receiving their order, a customer decided to tip $ 2,000 ($ 211,500, according to the official exchange rate), as shown in the ticket that reached Facebook and went viral.

The incident occurred in an establishment located in the city of Bellevue, in the state of Nebraska (United States), and the employee who attended the man still does not believe what happened. “I was like, ‘That’s wrong, you tip too much there’ “, he counted Preston Rath, the order to deliver the order: two “bills” that cost $ 5 ($ 528).

But there was no mistake, because the man, who wanted to be known as Nicholas, insisted that the tip amount was correct and explained that His intention was to support the small local business that had just reopened after the pandemic.

The situation also caught the attention of the owner, Michelle kaiser, who decided to contact the client to check if everything was in order. In communication with KTVE, the owner revealed the dialogue they had: “I knew it had been a difficult time due to COVID, that people were giving their best effort. He realized that our staff was working very hard. “

“You hear about these things in big cities and you see them on the Internet, but you never think it will happen in your business “added.

As he said, employees generally share between $ 1,500 and $ 1,800 in tips for a period of two weeks. A sum exceeded by just one order thanks to Nicholas’s generosity.

The client told Kaiser that paid the tip with funds from his grandfather’s inheritance. He saw the staff working hard and was impressed with their customer service skills.

“He said there was so much negativity today and so many bad things that were happening that I wanted to make a difference “, affirmed the owner of the premises. “I wanted people to feel appreciated and show that I saw them.”he added.

The ticket with the exorbitant tip that went viral on Facebook.

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