“He changed my path in life.” Dwayne Johnson donated a car to a man who housed it when he was a homeless teenager

At one time, the men spent their last money to buy a car for Johnson (Photo: screenshot / therock / instagram)

Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson gave a Ford F-150 to a man named Bruno. According to Forbes’ highest-paid actor, he would not have achieved what he has without Bruno.

At 15, Johnson had to move from Hawaii to Nashville, where his father had to wait for him. As it turned out, no one was waiting for him there, and therefore the future actor was in a new city for himself without housing, money, and acquaintances.

The guy was sheltered by a man named Bruno – he worked as a wrestling manager and lived in a trailer. He also helped Dwayne Johnson get a job and build a career in wrestling – more precisely, take the first steps in it.

Johnson especially noted the act of Bruno when the guy wanted a car for himself – and the man spent the last $ 40 to buy him a used car. Of course, he was very old and was falling apart on the go, but still, he was very pleased.

Therefore, he decided to make a return gift for Bruno – and gave him a Ford F-150. The man at first did not even believe that this was happening to him, and then burst into tears: “Never in my life has anyone done this for me,” he said.


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“ I love you, brother. Your kindness and your heart have helped change my path in life. And when you want to retire, just let me know – I will always be there. Enjoy your trips! ”, – wrote Scala on Instagram.