“He died”: the chat that confirmed the end of Diego Maradona and moved an entire newsroom

It was not one more noon. No one will forget that moment of November 25, 2020. The versions on the state of health of Diego Maradona they had not been good for several days and the alert was on because it was bad. Phones rang in the newsroom TN, conversations, calls and an unavoidable question: “What about Diego Maradona? ”.

In a matter of seconds, the rumor about Diego Maradona’s death echoed from every desk, on every phone. They were desperate minutes. And despite the fateful outcome flying overhead, it was absolutely unexpected because Ten had already dribbled death on other occasions. No one wanted to even imagine what that day could be like, that moment that finally happened at 1:07 p.m. on that Wednesday, November 25, 2020, moment in which TN Sports confirmed the news that shocked the world.

“Diego Maradona died”

“He died”, was the overwhelming, unappealable answer that got Diego Ruscitti before consulting an absolutely reliable source. The mind went blank for a second.

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There was no room for doubt in the face of tremendous confirmation, but as in all news of such size and significance, it was mandatory to check the information. In the face of death there is no rush or possibility of error. Much less with Maradona.

Diego Maradona shared his last days with attendees, family and members of the "environment".  (Photos: IG by @Maradona and Google Maps)
Diego Maradona shared his last days with assistants, family members and members of the “environment”. (Photos: IG by @Maradona and Google Maps)

Diego Maradona died: the confirmation chat

“Seba, did Diego die?”, I asked without question at 13.09 another source who had direct access to Maradona. A minute later came the worst answer.

In the newsroom, all journalists already had confirmation. On the web the protocols were activated in these cases and on the air, Lorena Maciel and Guillermo Lobo, realized that there were ambulances in the country.

Due to the coronavirus, many journalists were working in a homeoffice mode, but in a matter of minutes they all converged on the channel for historical coverage of TN.

One of the confirmations about the death of Diego Maradona that the TN Deportivo team received between 13.07 and 13.10 on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.
One of the confirmations about the death of Diego Maradona that the TN Deportivo team received between 13.07 and 13.10 on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

Minutes before messages from WhatsApp with whom the news was confirmed in the writing of TN, the newspaper Clarion He had reported on his website about a serious health problem for Maradona and the ambulances that had arrived at Country San Andrés.

The journalist Julio Chiappetta gave an account of the death of the Ten and that unleashed the desperate search to check the information as many times as necessary.

Maradona’s death: journalism, shock and infinite pain

Immediately, the intensity of any Wednesday at noon multiplied to infinity, between nerves, disbelief at the impact of what was happening, and pain. Because the first thing that caused Diego’s death was a lot of pain.

A journalistic coverage mega-operation was quickly set up that included mobiles and journalists in all the important points: Tigre, Olivos, La Plata and the famous corner of Habana and Segurola, in Vila Devoto, which was recently renamed Diego Maradona.

On the website of TN a megacoverage was deployed while the mobiles were happening on the air.

The writing of TN, multiplatform journalism.
The writing of TN, multiplatform journalism.

“Clarín was the first to report that something had happened with Maradona, so I sent that message to a super reliable source. When he answered me he died I could not believe it. I started screaming he died, he died and in the newsroom they asked me who? They were minutes of madness. We did not want to rush and we were able to check it a second time before putting it on the air ”, said Diego Ruscitti when he remembered that noon.

It was only the beginning of two days in which there was only sadness and questions: How did he die? What happened? Did you get the proper care? Was it avoidable?

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The comment “It can not be true” it was a common reaction. It couldn’t be true. Denying what was happening as a mechanism to buy time and waiting for a denial that never came. It was true, just. On the 10th, the one that gave the soccer homeland the most joys, it had run out of dribbles. The best left-hander of all time could not throw a pipe at the cardiorespiratory arrest of that damn November 25.

The news on the air: “Maradona died”

“That noon I entered the studio where we do News 13 at 12.55. It took me a little longer than usual to write because the rumor that Maradona had died was already strong. While they put the microphone on me, I managed to whisper to Sergio Lapegüe, the driver, that there was a very strange movement at the door of the country where Diego was living.

We hadn’t started the show yet but the feeling was weird already. We sensed that we were about to experience a moment as sad as it was unforgettable, ”he recalled. Marcelo fiasche, sports chief of TN and The thirteen, a year after that sad Thursday.

“Almost at the same time, a member of the group that had accompanied Diego in recent weeks confirmed the news to my partner Diego Ruscitti. While Lapegüe and Ignacio González Prieto They were analyzing one of the police cases of the day, I privately communicated the information I was handling to Carolina Allen. That day she was in charge of executive production and, in a matter of seconds, she told me we also confirm it on the other hand, let’s give it now. And so it was that at 1:14 p.m. the sweep of Last moment and we told one of the most shocking news of our life, “he concluded.

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