He donated a kidney to his mother-in-law and the girlfriend left him to marry someone else

Internet users started a competition (Photo: Tiktok palevill27)
Internet users started a competition (Photo: Tiktok palevill27)

For love you can do all kinds of things, however, in recent days, a trend in TikTok has left many netizens speechless due to the dramatic stories. Thus, in multiple videos accompanied by the song Favorite Crime from Olivia rodrigo, users have started a competition to see who has “sacrificed” more to maintain a loving relationship.

From a young man who stopped studying at Harvard, to a woman who treated his partner for hemorrhoids are just some of the anecdotes that are resounding in this social network.

On this occasion, the one who astonished everyone was a professor from Baja California who recounted the time he gave a kidney and his action did not go as expected.

I donated a kidney to his mom, she left me and got married a month”Uziel Martínez wrote from her TikTok account.

Uziel donated a kidney to her mother-in-law (Photo: Screenshot / TikTok
Uziel donated a kidney to her mother-in-law (Photo: Screenshot / TikTok

Before this, the Internet users did not take long to react and sent some messages of support to the man, in addition to pointing out that his story could beat the others that circulate in the trend.

Well look on the bright side, bro, twice it’s not going to happen “, “Now, seriously, you did win”, “never forget that love is never that much”, “nooooo, you won the trend but at what cost “, were some of the mentions that the user received.

With the verses in the background that you say “Those things I did, just so I could call you mine (the things I did to say that you were mine) ”, the mexican user @ palevill27 He caused a lot of controversy on social networks after uploading a video where he confessed that he left the university where he was studying, just to see his partner. The most striking thing was the institute that he rejected: nothing but Harvard University, one with those of greater prestige at the international level.

He dropped out of Harvard University to see his partner in Mexico.  (Photo: Composition Infobae)
He dropped out of Harvard University to see his partner in Mexico. (Photo: Composition Infobae)

“When I told my parents that Harvard was not what I expected to return with you to Mexico”, is the text that the user writes when telling his anecdote with a t-shirt of the university. Nothing else was just the point of the iceberg that will surely not leave his parents happy. The video It has more than 10 million views on TikTok.

But the controversy did not stop there, since an Internet user with the user @@ daniaustin37 responded to the young man and said that, apparently, she was the mysterious young woman that everyone was referring to.

“When your ‘friend’ leaves Harvard for you,” he remarked.

The publication of the tiktoker became a trend and several Internet users started a debate about their decision to leave one of the most prestigious schools in the world for love: “MI’m ready to go to Harvard but not much for life. “ or “Being smart in school is not the same as being smart in life” were some of the comments he received.

It is important to point out that the young man has not clarified if everything seen and the coincidences are part of a joke because of the trend or it was a real event that may have very serious consequences, not only with the couple.


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